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Hubner Seed's Dairy Nutritionist Amy Hoy knows that achieving maximum milk production starts with selecting the right corn silage products. She's the driving
force behind Hubner's MilkMax Silage Program, which was designed
to demonstrate the consistency and value of Hubner dual purpose silage products. The research utilizes silage samples of Hubner brand as well as competitor brands from approximately 1,000 locations each year.
The samples are analyzed by a third party lab and the results are provided, free of charge, to the participating farmers. This provides the opportunity to determine how the same products perform from both nutrition and yield standpoints in different environments. Farmers can currently choose from 28 silage products, all of which have met the minimum criteria required for inclusion in the MilkMax program.
It's very easy to participate, and it will benefit you, your herd, and your operation.
There is no cost to be part of the MilkMax program; we just cut and weigh a few
plants when you begin chopping, then the sample is sent to an independent lab for analysis. It's that simple, but becoming a Milk Max participant could result in your most profitable relationship. To get started call Marce Graybill at 717-363-3227.