In 2012, the
United States had 2,039,093 family farms (as defined
by USDA), accounting for
96.7 percent of all farms and 89
percent of census farm area in the United States.

Haldeman Farms is a family owned and operated farming and hauling operation located in Central Pennsylvania between Hershey and Grantville. We grew up in the fields and continue to farm for reasons as varied as the simple pleasure of watching seedlings emerge from the earth, to the deep satisfaction of knowing we are a small but vital part of a global pursuit. Farming is a wonderfully diverse challenge that we are eager to accept with the help of three generations of family members and several full and part time employees. Agriculture is important worldwide, but we have a few goals at the local level: to be good and responsible stewards of the earth; the production of safe, high quality crops; and cultivation of an awareness amongst the public regarding food's journey from its source to their plates. Here at Haldeman Farms we enjoy our jobs and look forward to spending some time with you.